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ESG for Good

It takes bold solutions to help heal our planet at a time of extreme climate impacts, political unrest, unimaginable viruses and financial turbulence.


The HRW Group provides strategic ESG consulting services leveraging HealRWorld's proprietary data on small businesses globally committed to People, Planet and Profit. 

We power conscious capitalism by delivering our ESG data through global platforms for consumers, corporations, governments and investors.

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"It is liberty that is at the heart of capitalism, and at  the  heart of liberty lies a commitment  to the   good of humankind."   
--Adam Smith, Forefather of Capitalist Thinking

How do we encourage businesses to adopt the societal mission Smith espoused as the foundation  of capitalism?  Brick by Brick...  Each purchase or investment we make is a vote for the kind of world we wish to see.​

Consumers have tremendous power and when we unite, we can create a ripple effect to heal our world. Let's support the companies aligned with our values.

HealRWorld has spent years amassing data on small and midsized companies globally committed to the Environment, Social Good, and Diversity and Inclusion. 

5If you're an ESG committed small business or consumer who cares, our platform is designed for you!

HRW Community
 Your Every Purchase Counts

The HealRWorld Community & Marketplace links you to 40K+ merchants and 1.3M small businesses dedicated to
People, Planet and Profit. 


Learn about Celebrity and Musician-owned sustainable businesses.  Meet people from around the world that align with your values.  Together, we can create a Ripple Effect to Upgrade Humanity.

Our Platforms & Solutions

​Rewards To HealRWorld

Our Cards Reward Your Commitment to a Better World Offsetting Carbon Imprint & Supporting Victims Of Climate Change.

​Support Environmental & Climate Justice

​Rewards To HealRWorld

​Shopping Your Values

Join Our Community and Shop with Your Values.  Earn Points and Vote on Where Our Money Goes.

​A Community Where Your Voice Matters!

​Shopping Your Values


Click Below to Donate to Our Program and Donor Advised Funds and Support a Better Planet and Healthier Society.

​Where Money Makes an


​Reality Impact TV Show

Watch the inspiring impact innovators changing the world and

upgrading humanity!

​Small Businesses Changing the World!

​Reality Impact TV Show

​Sustain Planet Earth Committed

Get SPEC Certified and Commit to

Making our World

a Better Place!

​SDG Certification & Loyalty Program

​Sustain Planet Earth Committed

​Music 4 Climate Justice

Watch Global Musicians Unite to support the most marginalized &  most impacted by Climate Change

​Global Event & Music Platform

​Music 4 Climate Justice

The challenges our future generations face are monumental. 
We owe it to them to do all we can to make a difference...

A Company That Cares

​We've dedicated years to building a platform that  would not just focus on profits, but instead would serve humanity at a time when we need it most.  We believe in the power of like-minded  people  joining forces to challenge the status quo. 


Small businesses are the backbone of global  economies, but they cannot get access to capital they need to innovate and survive, particularly social impact, diverse and women owned enterprises.  We can support them by redirecting our buying power while making a difference in the lives of millions across our planet.

Innocent children are losing their lives to produce goods due to forced labor and human trafficking.  We must support companies committed to eradicating this greatest crime against humanity. 

Photo Credit:  Lisa Kristine, activist/humanitarian.

Are you looking for a career where your making a real impact on pressing world issues?  

Work with us

"It is liberty that is at the heart of capitalism, and at the heart of liberty lies a commitment  to the  
good of humankind."

--Adam Smith, Forefather of Capitalist Thinking


We believe capitalism can be a powerful force for good and can help to heal our world by supporting small businesses with a higher purpose.

Small businesses represent 90%  of the world's businesses, employ nearly 70% of people and are critical to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

By directing our money to the companies that align with our values...we can change the world and there's no time to waste. 

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