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Our Proprietary ESG Data & Platforms

ESG data on small and mid-sized businesses is hard to find, yet critical to corporations, investors, global governments and consumers.


The HealRWorld® Global ESG Database is the most comprehensive data set of global sustainable small and mid-sized businesses in the market, leveraging hundreds of data sources and our own proprietary algorithm.  We've developed a global assurance rank to indicate the level of assurance of a company's sustainability claim from self-reported to audited by a credible certifier/verifier.  

Our data spans Environmental, Social and Governance pillars in over 172 countries and includes such attributes as sustainability categories, sustainable certifications/verifications, years in business, annual sales, number of employees, credit information and more.

Find the companies that align with your procurement needs, partnership targets or investment profiles.  Our APIs and integrated reports are simple to integrate, or learn more about our Global SaaS Geo-Analytics Platform.  

ESG Business Data is at the Core of Sustainable Innovation

As Consumers, Investors, Governments and Shareholders demand greater accountability from corporations to help heal our planetary woes, critical data on small and mid-sized businesses and suppliers globally spanning Environmental, Social and Governance, including Diversity and Female Owned Business information, is a crucial element of corporate reporting and transparency.

HealRWorld has been innovating to create a world-class database with crucial data and insights to power fintech and marketplace solutions for this critical moment in time.  Furthermore, our data is mapped to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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